Ben Johns Pickleball Net Worth, Bio, Family, Career

Ben Johns is a 24-year-old American professional pickleball player. He is currently ranked No. 1 in the world in all three divisions: singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. He is widely considered to be the greatest pickleball player of all time.

n addition to his on-court success, Johns is also a popular ambassador for the sport of pickleball. He is known for his positive attitude and his willingness to help others learn and improve. He is also active in the pickleball community and has helped to grow the sport across the United States. Johns is a role model for pickleball players of all ages and skill levels. He is a living example of what is possible with hard work, dedication, and a passion for the sport.

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Ben Johns Pickleball

Johns began playing pickleball in 2016 and quickly rose through the ranks of the sport. He won his first professional title in 2017 and has since won over 80 titles, including multiple triple crowns (winning all three events at a single tournament). He has also won the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships three times.

Ben Johns: The Greatest Pickleball Player of All Time

Johns is known for his athleticism, skill, and mental toughness. He is particularly dominant at the net, where he uses his speed and agility to win points. He is also a very good returner of serve and has a powerful forehand.


There are many pickleball players in the world and one of them is Ben Johns. He plays both indoor and outdoor pickleball games and has attained the highest level in this game. Indeed, he is the first one to receive an endorsement deal in 2019 from Franklin. After playing pickleball for a couple of years followed by tennis, this person has reached peaks in his career and won 3 gold medals in 2019 tournaments in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. His elder brother also is in the same field. He hosted the live with Kelly and Ryan in October 2021 where he is featured alongside his brother Collin.


Ben Ellingham Johns was born on March 18, 1999, in Maryland, United States to proud parents Heather and Mark. The couple has seven children. His father is a software engineer while his mother is a software designer who dedicates a lot of time to teaching her children. He also partners with his elder brother Collin who plays the sport professionally. The family of Ben is also involved in different sporting activities. Hannah Johns is also engaged in broadcasting the pickleball games. However, Ben did not disclose any of the details about the siblings, but this person is identified to be a white Caucasian and holding American citizenship.

Ben was brought up in Estero, Florida where he has attended homeschool with these siblings. After graduating from the University of Maryland in 2016, this person pursued his sports career in pickleball. The Ben Johns Pickleball Net Worth is 1.5 million.


Ben has showcased his skills in Tennis and baseball sports since childhood. He has played his first professional sport in the US Open pickleball championship in 2016 and has won fifth place in Men’s Pro singles. Ben Johns Pickleball Net Worth also has won the gold medal in the Canadian Nationals. Around 50 gold medals have been won by this person in his career and has three crowns in doubles, singles, and mixed doubles. He established pickleball gateways along with the other pickleball players, i.e., Dekel Bar in 2019. He also launched the subscription for Pickleball 360 in 2011 along with his brother, Collin Johns, and Dekel Bar. He also owns a website that works on cryptocurrency index funds for investment this year.


The relationship status of Ben Johns is single. There is no information found about the private affairs in the media. However, there are a lot of photos that are being uploaded by this pickleball player on social media while enjoying with his friends in his leisure time. There are also no rumors or controversies found about him.

Net worth

Pickleball is growing at a rapid pace in the country. Apart from playing, players are also earning a hefty amount of money. The professional players earn around USD 50k to USD 200k. The Ben Johns Pickleball Net Worth is around USD 1.5 million. He also signed a three-year contract with Franklin Sports in 2019. He also signed a contract with Joola Pickleball in 2022. Apart from this, he also earned a good amount of money through modeling assignments and by featuring in a sports magazine. Through the gear sponsorships, the player earns a huge amount.

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