Best Pickleball Shoes for Indoor/Outdoor

Elevate your pickleball performance with the best pickleball shoes. Our expert reviews and recommendations will help you make the right choice for superior grip, support, and durabilityPickleball shoes are a must for you to boost stability, have excellent traction and have great movement over the court to take the game to another level. The game is growing internationally. Many athletes are taking part in the game and the popularity for this is growing globally. With the increase in demand for the game, there is also a demand for sportswear, especially the shoes you wear in playing the sport. This is what decides your gaming performance on the court. It also allows you to make quick body movements, offer stability and give enough comfort to the feet.

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3.K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express 2 shoesBuy it On Amazon
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5.New Balance women’s 806 V1 shoesBuy it On Amazon
6.Condromly court shoesBuy it On Amazon
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 Best Pickleball Shoes

We have listed out the top 10 best pickleball shoes available for all with pros and cons. You can go through the pros and cons of each shoe model and decide which one to buy. These are listed after a thorough review of each pickleball shoe model. These are known for traction, stability, durability and freedom of movement. If you’re a female pickleball player, don’t forget to check our dedicated guide on the ‘Best Pickleball Shoes for Women‘ for tailored recommendations

1. ASICS Women’s gel-resolution 8-shoe

The first choice of every player who loves to play pickleball and wants shoes is ASICS. The brand is committed to manufacturing quality shoes that are known for comfort, fitness and stability. The shoes offer excellent grip and can be used to play pickleball indoors and outdoors. The wonderful part of rubber soles is the traction the shoe offers while playing. You can have stability while moving in and out of the court. There is a special GEL kind of cushioning inside the shoe that offers you the comfort required. Despite wearing the shoes for a long time, you never feel the discomfort or pain in the feet.

The gel sole will continuously offer you relaxation like the pillow. The shoes are made of Trusstic technology will offer stability in the court while you make lateral and frontal movements. You do not have to put in any extra effort while playing the game. The shoes are affordable and known for excellent performance.

 Best pickleball shoes to take the game to another level


  • Excellent traction
  • Highly comfortable to wear
  • Cost-effective
  • Bottom is anti-slippery


  • Will be too tight


  • Weight – 1.45 pounds
  • Gender- Women
  • Colour – soft sky or dive blue

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2. Wilson’s pickleball shoes

It is the pickleball shoe that has gained huge attention from pickleball players due to its quality of build and design. The appearance of the shoes is rich and stylish. The best thing is that these shoes can be worn indoors and outdoors. Wearing this four-dimensional system will let you move quickly on the court and boost your overall stability in the game. The heavy-duty rubber with which the shoes are made would make the shoes resistant to various external factors besides creating friction between the shoes and the court.

The shoes offer you impressive comfort that keeps your feet relaxed. This makes the sports experience great. The rubber tag padding and foam inside the shoes will make these shoes an excellent choice for athletes.

Step Up Your Pickleball Game: Top Shoe Picks for Players


  • Rubber drag sole
  • Looks stylish
  • Flexible to move toes


  • Pricey


  • Weight – 1.7 pounds
  • Gender- men
  • Shoe colour – white, stormy weather and classic blue

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3. K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express 2 shoes

The brand makes the best shoes in the market which can be used while playing tennis and pickleball sports. The shoe has a sturdy rubber sole that gives enough comfort, excellent grip and good grip to boost the experience you have on the court. Rubber is the material used in making the sole and this also makes the shoes lightweight, cost-effective and resistant to various external factors. However, the best thing about the shoes is that you are not just confined to wearing them on the court but also can wear them while walking, running or doing other kinds of physical activities.

These shoes offer great breathability. Therefore, despite wearing them for hours together your feet are not prone to any infections caused due to locked moisture. The sock liner will absorb the moisture. It sucks the moisture from the feet and keeps your feet dry. The midsole of the shoe is made of thermoplastic material that boosts the stability of the court. The 180-degree thermal plastic will offer excellent traction and is resistant to the game.

Pickleball Footwear Guide: Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Success


  • Offer better manoeuvrability
  • Use innovative technology for midsole
  • Lasts longer


  • Not suitable for broader feet


  • Weight – 1.85 pounds
  • Gender – men
  • Colour – reflecting pond, white and Biscay white

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4. K-Swiss Men’s Express light shoes

If you want K-Swiss quality pickleball shoes that are known for quality, then go for this model shoe. The outsole, insole and midsole of the shoe are made precisely to offer the comfort that a player is looking for. The shoe outsole is made of dense rubber material. It improves resistance, traction, stability and durability that is required to play the game continuously for hours together. The feet get the grip required while the heel feels relaxed. There is also the space to move your toes.

The insole structure with Ortho Lite foam material offers the feet enough cushioning. It also removes moisture from the feet and keeps them dry and cool. There is a drag guard system that offers enough abrasion to the feet.

Pickleball Footwear Frenzy: Discover the Ideal Shoes for Your Game


  • High stability
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Free from moisture


  • Not so durable


  • Weight – 1.85 pounds
  • Gender – men
  • Colour – Highrise or navy

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5. New Balance women’s 806 V1 shoes

The shoes are the best performing, reliable and highly comfortable ones to wear while playing the pickleball sport. The comfy shoes perform exceptionally on the court. These are made exclusively for women and are available in different sizes with different colours and great designs. The shoes are excellent to wear while playing the pickleball ball indoors rather than outdoors.

The striking feature available in the shoes is its special C-CAP midsole that comes with compressed and moulded foam material offering great cushioning and support. The midsole is known for its stability, flexibility and great movements. You do not have to give up on the freedom of movement when wearing these shoes.

Pickleball Shoes Unleashed: Finding the Perfect Pair for You


  • Good cushioning material
  • Highly flexible


  • Heavy


  • Colour – white
  • Size – 5 to 13
  • Material – leather and synthetic
  • Weight – 13 ounces
  • Gender- Women

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6. Condromly court shoes

These pickleball shoes are known for comfort, resistant to abrasion, strong build and excellent breathability. The shoe is known for its build quality. The sole of the shoes is made of faux leather, which needs low maintenance. The best thing about the leather is that it is easier to clean off the dirt on the shoe and is resistant to wear. Indeed, the leather-made shoes look classic compared to the other sole materials.

The upper layer of the shoe is made of mesh kind of material with tiny holes to allow the feet to breathe and keep it dry throughout the game. It also keeps moisture at bay. Your feet are also away from infections and itchiness. There is a careful liner technology used in the insole to improve the stability, stiffness and durability of the shoe. The midsole of the shoe offers you with the comfort required. The sponge kind of material used in the midsole will offer good relaxation to the feet and make you feel secure and stable.

Mastering the Court: The Top Pickleball Shoes for Competitive Players


  • Low maintenance of shoes
  • Midsole cushioning
  • Use special liner technology


  • Not so popular


  • Colour – white or red
  • Weight – 1.57 pounds
  • Gender – Women

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7. FitVille pickleball shoes

If you want excellent tennis shoes and pickleball shoes, then it is good to go for this brand. It comes with a quality rubber sole that would let you stand stiffly in the court and give you the freedom to move around. The key benefit offered by the shoes is they are resistant to various factors such as pressure, water, temperature and so on. The shoes are perfect for the ones who play pickleball regularly.

The upper side of the shoes is made with mesh and microfiber material offering enough ventilation. It also keeps the feet away from bad odour while keeping the feet healthy. If you have feet ache and pain, then these shoes are perfect for you to wear. These shoes are designed for wider feet over normal feet. These have the right dimensions and sizes to fit wide feet without feeling any kind of discomfort. It also boosts the freedom of movement and offers extra supportive comfort.

 Best pickleball shoes to take the game to another level


  • Shoes are non-slippery
  • Offer comfort
  • Perfect for wide feet


  • Size may have issues for a few players


  • Colour – light blue
  • Weight – 1.96 pounds
  • Gender – Women

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8. Fila volley zone shoes

If you are looking for a brand that is known for producing shoe wear brand exclusively for sports, then Fila Volley is for you. It is the top suggestion for people who are looking for shoes that are known for comfort and style. The shoes have rubber soles that can withstand temperature, abrasion, water changes and pressure. The shoes are made of rubber, which offers the required level of friction and offers higher stability and excellent grip required in the court.

The shoes are perfect for you to wear indoors and outdoors. The best thing is that the upper material of the shoe is made of mesh material that makes it breathable by passing the air molecules. It keeps the feet dry and avoids fungal growth. The midsole of the shoe is comfortable and offers enough cushioning required for the feet to keep the pain at bay. Despite wearing the shoes for hours together you do not feel any kind of pain or discomfort.

Pickleball Performance Starts from the Ground Up: Best Shoes Revealed


  • Offer better breathability
  • Enough cushioning to the feet


  • The toe box is narrow


  • Colour – electric blue, white or safety yellow
  • Size – 7 to 14
  • Weight – 2 pounds
  • Gender – men

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9. Sketchers Viper court shoes

If you want imported quality shoes, then it is good to wear Sketchers viper court shoes. These are made for players who play pickleball games. It is made of rubber sole that keeps you away from slipperiness and offers you the freedom to move anywhere comfortably and quickly. The shoes also offer you with good traction and stability. It gives you a perfect fit.

The fit and lock features of the sneakers will boost the performance on the court and reduce discomfort. The shoes will fit perfectly like socks and let you experience the best playing experience. It is suitable to be worn by people with medium to wide feet. The insole sketchers have good cushioning and are made of lightweight material to offer you the comfort required. The shoes are perfect for you to wear while walking, playing tennis, training, treadmill and gym.

 Best pickleball shoes to take the game to another level


  • Can be worn in different seasons
  • Podiatrists certified
  • Lightweight


  • The upper layer is made of plastic


  • Colour – yellow or navy
  • Size – 17 to 14* wide
  • Weight – 1.81 pounds
  • Gender – men

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10. Nihaoya sport shoes

Nihaoya sports sneakers will come with rubber soles. There are a lot of benefits of having shoes with rubber soles over other materials. The shoe has a breathable mesh that is lightweight, durable, comfortable to wear and is resistant to abrasions. You can wash the shoes and dry them in fresh air. The shoes come with a slip-on ankle profile that gives enough protection to the ankle. It also allows you to move freely in the court and have enough traction.

The shoe protects your ankle and gives the comfort you expect. The base of the shoe is also unique and comes with a premium hollow blade design offering great durability and cushioning. The shoe also makes you feel relaxed and stable while keeping your feet healthy.

 Best pickleball shoes to take the game to another level


  • Comfortable fit
  • Available in different colours
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • Not a big brand


  • Colour – Black
  • Size – 7.5 to 12.5
  • Weight – 1.19 pounds
  • Gender – men

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When you are planning to buy pickleball shoes, be it for any gender you want the shoes to have a great appearance, excellent traction, offer stability and stay durable. We have listed out the top 10 best pickleball shoes with pros and cons. By now, you might have decided on the best shoes that fit your requirements. All these shoes offer you with cushioning and breathability to keep you comfortable while playing the game for hours together. Read the review carefully and pick the right ones.

When it comes to pickleball shoes, not only should they provide excellent performance on the court, but they should also address specific concerns like Achilles tendon protection. If you’re curious about shoe designs that prioritize this aspect, our article on the ‘Best Shoes to Protect Your Achilles for Pickleball‘ delves deeper into shoe features that reduce the risk of Achilles tendon strain.


1. What makes pickleball shoes different from regular athletic shoes?

A: Explore the key features and design aspects that set pickleball shoes apart from standard sports footwear.

2. How do I choose the right pickleball shoes for my playing style?

A: Offer guidance on selecting shoes based on factors like court surface, playing style, and individual preferences.

3. What should I look for in terms of cushioning and support in pickleball shoes?

A: Explain the importance of proper cushioning and support for comfort and injury prevention on the court.

4. Are there specific brands known for their quality pickleball shoes?

A: Mention popular brands that are well-regarded for their pickleball footwear and highlight their standout models.

5. Can I use tennis or basketball shoes for pickleball?

A: Address the suitability of using shoes designed for other sports and any potential drawbacks.

6. How do I ensure the right fit when purchasing pickleball shoes online?

A: Provide tips on measuring your foot size and checking sizing charts to make online purchases more accurate.

7. Do pickleball shoes come in wide sizes for players with broader feet?

A: Discuss options for players with wide or narrow feet and recommend brands that offer various width options.

8. Are there any maintenance tips for prolonging the life of pickleball shoes?

A: Share care and cleaning instructions to help players extend the durability of their pickleball footwear.

9. Can I use indoor pickleball shoes for outdoor play, and vice versa?

A: Explain the differences between indoor and outdoor pickleball shoes and whether they can be used interchangeably.

10. What are some signs that it’s time to replace my pickleball shoes?

A: List indicators that suggest when shoes are worn out and need to be replaced to maintain optimal performance and safety.

11. Are there specific shoes recommended for pickleball on clay courts, hard courts, or grass surfaces?

A: Provide insights into the ideal shoe types for different court surfaces and how they impact gameplay.

12. What budget-friendly options are available for players looking for affordable pickleball shoes?

A: Suggest cost-effective pickleball shoe choices without compromising on quality.

13. Can I use orthotic insoles with my pickleball shoes for added comfort and support?

A: Offer advice on customizing pickleball shoes with orthotic insoles for players with specific foot needs.

14. Do pickleball shoes come in different styles and colours?

A: Mention the variety of styles and colour options available to cater to players’ aesthetic preferences.

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