Can I Play Pickleball After Hip Replacement?

Pickleball After Hip Replacement surgery, your ability to engage in physical activities like pickleball will largely depend on the advice of your medical team, including your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist.  To assist you in making informed decisions, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on the Best Pickleball Nets. This guide covers various aspects of choosing the ideal net for your needs, including net height, materials, portability, and ease of setup. By investing in a quality pickleball net, you’ll contribute to a smoother and safer gameplay experience, allowing you to focus on enjoying the sport while taking care of your hip replacement.

Can I Play Pickleball After Hip Replacement?

Pickleball game is gaining huge popularity, especially among people who want to play a game that does not put much stress on the body. The game is like tennis but is played on a small court and with a wiffle ball. Pickleball can be played by two players or four players. It is an excellent activity for players who want rigorous workouts and stay active playing this game. You can also play this game after the high replacement.

Can I Play Pickleball After Hip Replacement?

Many have questioned whether they can play this game after the hip replacement, the answer is a yes. However, after the operation, you have to wait until 6 months and later start playing this sport. It is a low-impact sport that does not cause any damage to the hip. You also have to build up the strength and stamina to play the game like before. It is recommended to follow the guidance of your therapist and surgeon before you start to play the pickleball game.

Pickleball is a popular racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It is generally considered to be a low-impact activity that can be enjoyed by people of various ages and fitness levels. However, if you have undergone hip replacement surgery, there are several important factors to consider before deciding to play pickleball again.

After how many months you can start to play the pickleball game?

You have to take a minimum of six months’ rest to start playing the game. This allows the hip joint to heal completely and keeps the risk of injuries at bay. Few players will return to play this game after six months while a few others will take more time to recover and start playing the game. However, you have to play this game after recovering completely to avoid aggravating the issue and staying away from the game longer.

What sports you can play after a hip replacement?

There are other sports apart from pickleball that you can start to play after your hip replacement surgery. A few such games include swimming, hiking, cycling, aerobics, rowing, golf, tennis, and so on. Swimming is an excellent option that you can play after the hip replacement. It has a low impact on the joint area. You can also play a double tennis game as you do not have to put more intensity than you put while playing tennis singles.

Golf and hiking are other options available to play after hip replacement. These are the low-impact activities that you can enjoy in your leisure time. There are also other options like rowing, aerobics, and cycling which you can enjoy after hip replacement.

Can Pickleball be played after knee replacement?

Pickleball is a wonderful sport that is enjoyed by all players of different ages and abilities. It is highly beneficial for players who have gone through joint replacement surgery to strengthen the muscles and ligaments. You can play different types of pickleball, but the idea is to play doubles. In this game, one play will serve and the other player will hit the ball. It is played like tennis over the net. The difference between pickleball and other games is that the ball in this sport is softer and the court is also small compared to other courts. Pickleball is easy on joints especially players who have joint or hip injuries.

Steps to have a good comeback after the hip replacement to play pickleball

Few of the steps you must follow to have an enjoyable and safe play:

Talk to your doctor

When you try to do physical activity after the surgery, you discuss it with the doctor. They can provide you with valuable advice on when to start physical activity and how much time you can play the sport.

Start slow

If you want to start playing the pickleball game after your hip replacement surgery, it is best to start slow instead of playing this game intensively to avoid aggravating the issue or avoid injuring the area where you have the surgery. You can build the strength and confidence to walk in the court before you start doing light drills.

Be in the form

As you progress into the game after the hip replacement, you should first get back to the form you were playing before instead of trying to hit powerful shots which can put a lot of pressure on the hip area.

Consider any alternative options

Players who have gone through hip surgery would need to make the required adjustments to take part in the game. They can use a light paddle and reduce the court time instead of spending a lot of time on the court playing this game after the surgery. This may strain your body.

Understand your body

You should know how the body feels during the whole process. If you find the body to be getting strained after you play for a short time, you need to get in touch with your medical professional. They assess the situation and tweak the treatment plan.

Wrapping up

Pickleball game after the hip replacement is doable by taking the right precautions and steps suggested by the doctor. You must take the required amount of rest and then come back strong to play your favorite game like before. You have to take it slow and work towards going back to the court.

Once you’ve received the green light to play, it’s time to gear up for a great pickleball experience. Along with focusing on your physical well-being, it’s also essential to ensure that you have the right equipment. Having a suitable pickleball paddle can enhance your gameplay while minimizing strain on your hip joint.

In fact, choosing the right pickleball paddle is not only about performance but also about comfort and control. To aid you in making an informed decision, you can explore our comprehensive guide on the Best Pickleball Paddles.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding playing pickleball after hip replacement surgery:

1. Can I play pickleball after hip replacement surgery?

Yes, you can potentially play pickleball after hip replacement surgery. However, it’s essential to consult your orthopedic surgeon and follow their advice. They will assess your individual situation, the type of hip replacement you had, and your overall health before giving you the green light to play.

2. How soon can I start playing pickleball after hip replacement surgery?

The timing varies for each individual and depends on factors such as the type of hip replacement, your rate of recovery, and your overall health. Your surgeon and physical therapist will provide specific guidelines on when you can safely resume physical activities like pickleball.

3. Is pickleball a suitable sport for hip replacement patients?

Pickleball is often considered a low-impact sport, which can make it suitable for some hip replacement patients. However, individual factors like your overall health, joint stability, and range of motion will influence whether pickleball is appropriate for you. Always consult your medical team before engaging in any sport.

4. What precautions should I take while playing pickleball after hip replacement surgery?

Some precautions to consider include:

  • Wearing proper footwear with good cushioning and support.
  • Starting slowly with gentle movements and gradually increasing intensity.
  • Focusing on proper technique to minimize strain on your hip joint.
  • Staying hydrated and taking breaks when needed.
  • Listening to your body and stopping immediately if you experience pain or discomfort.

5. Can pickleball affect my hip replacement in the long term?

Engaging in physical activities, including pickleball, can have an impact on your hip replacement over time. However, if you follow your surgeon’s guidelines and exercise caution, the risk of complications or damage can be minimized. Regular check-ups with your doctor will help monitor the health of your hip joint.

6. Are there any specific exercises or stretches I should do before playing pickleball?

Your physical therapist will likely recommend exercises and stretches to improve hip strength, flexibility, and stability before you start playing pickleball. These may include hip flexor stretches, gentle squats, and balance exercises. Following a tailored exercise program will help prepare your body for the sport.

7. What signs should I watch for while playing pickleball?

Be attentive to any signs of discomfort, pain, or instability in your hip joint while playing. If you experience pain, stop immediately and consult your medical team. It’s important not to push through pain or discomfort, as it could lead to complications.

8. Can I participate in pickleball tournaments or competitive play after hip replacement surgery?

Competitive play may be possible, but it will depend on your individual circumstances and your surgeon’s recommendations. Discuss your desire for competitive play with your medical team, and they can provide guidance based on your progress and overall health.

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