Can You Hit Overhand in Pickleball?

Discover the power of the hit overhand in pickleball! Learn when and how to use overhand techniques, improve your game, and unlock new strategies with expert tips. Dive into the world of overhand in pickleball today

Pickleball, a beloved and rapidly growing sport, may seem straightforward with its compact court and paddle-based gameplay. However, for those looking to take their pickleball skills to the next level, mastering the overhand shot is a game-changer. In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the world of overhand hits in pickleball, exploring the techniques, strategies, and advantages of incorporating this dynamic move into your gameplay.

Whether you’re a novice player looking to expand your repertoire or an experienced pro seeking to refine your skills, this blog post will provide you with the insights and tips you need to elevate your pickleball game. Get ready to smash, dink, and dominate the court with the overhand shot – it’s time to add a new dimension to your pickleball playbook.

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When you hit the pickleball overhand it gives a lot of power over the underhand hits. You should use all the power to hit the ball. When you go through the pickleball rules, sometimes, it is found to be fine and to be challenging. It is easy for you to hit the pickleball overhand until and unless you serve the ball. The only time you are not supposed to hit the ball overhand is at the time of serving. It is clear according to the serve rules that you should perform the serve through underhand and should make contact with the ball from below your waist area.

Can You Hit Overhand in Pickleball?

If you have enjoyed playing tennis, the overhand spin shots are always powerful. Indeed, it is also considered powerful while playing the baseline. The pickleball game is no longer different from the other games. This will activate muscles and let you use a lot of power by swinging the arm compared to the underhand hit. When you hit the overhand shots in the pickleball game, you will be in attack mode. You should try overhand shots in these scenarios:

Can You Hit Overhand in Pickleball?

  • You should not serve overhand shots.
  • After every serve, you are good to hit overhand shots in the pickleball. Be it you or your opponent is serving, you can hit the overhand shot once the ball comes back to your side of the court.
  • Effective overhand shots can be hit in the overhand smash. The overhead smashes are considered to be the most powerful shots.
  • When the opponent has hit the shot that arches towards the net, it is the right time for you to hit an overhand smash since you can easily hit the high ball in the downward direction.
  • In case the ball bounces low, you should not try the overhand hit. Overhand hit is ideal when you are above the shoulder height.
  • If the ball goes by your waist, you will find it hard to pull the ball down. It is not the right time for you to use the overhead shot in the pickleball game.
  • Hit underhand dinks and ensure to keep the ball low
  • When you hit the baseline, you will have more power to hit the forehand with topspin overhand
  • It is not easy for you to control the trajectory of the overhand hit over the underhand hit
  • Overhand shots are ideal for opponents to move away from the net and go towards the baseline
  • Effective drive shots with the topspin overhand can help opponents to drive back. Overhand shots are highly effective and put you off the offensive.

Here is the step-by-step guide to try out hitting perfect overhand hits in pickleball

When the ball is in your direction, you must position the dominant hand behind the body. You have to twist sideways with the feet firmly on the ground. Ensure to let the ball bounce high until you make the contact.

When the ball approaches you, twist the body to ensure to align the ball to the hip and feet while keeping the dominant hand paddled towards the ball. While making contact, you can decide whether to hit the ball up or down.

  • Hit the ball forcefully if you want to make an overhead smash
  • You can hit the ball lightly by twisting the arms and hips. The wrist is also critical in the trajectory. Ensure to aim and swing simultaneously.
  • If the ball is over the head, you can jump before you swing. You can apply the same twisting stances with the ball that is far over the head.


1. Can you hit overhand shots in pickleball?

Yes, you can hit overhand shots in pickleball. While the sport primarily features underhand shots, the overhand shot can be a valuable addition to your game when used strategically.

2. What is an overhand shot in pickleball?

An overhand shot in pickleball involves hitting the ball with an upward swing of the paddle from above the waist. It’s typically used for power shots and smashes.

3. When should I use an overhand shot in pickleball?

Overhand shots are most effective when you want to add power and speed to your shot, particularly for smashes, putaways, and offensive plays. They can also be used to counter lobs.

4. Are overhand shots difficult to master in pickleball?

Overhand shots can be challenging to master, but with practice and proper technique, you can improve your proficiency. It’s essential to focus on control and accuracy when using overhand shots.

5. What are some key techniques for hitting overhand shots in pickleball?

Key techniques include maintaining balance, using your non-dominant hand for support, following through with your shot, and generating power from your legs and core.

6. Are there any rules or restrictions for overhand shots in pickleball?

Generally, there are no specific rules against overhand shots in pickleball. However, players must ensure that they maintain their position within the non-volley zone (the kitchen) when hitting overhand shots.

7. Can beginners learn to hit overhand shots in pickleball?

Yes, beginners can learn to hit overhand shots, but it’s advisable to first focus on mastering the fundamentals of the sport, such as the dink and groundstrokes, before attempting more advanced shots like the overhand.

8. How can I practice and improve my overhand shots in pickleball?

Practice drills, working on your footwork, and receiving guidance from experienced players or coaches can help you improve your overhand shots in pickleball.

9. What are the benefits of incorporating overhand shots into my pickleball game?

Overhand shots can add variety to your gameplay, surprise your opponents, and allow you to hit powerful winners. They are especially useful when you want to change the pace of the game and take control of the rally.

10. Where can I find more resources and tips for perfecting my overhand shots in pickleball?

You can find additional resources, tutorials, and tips in pickleball communities, online forums, and instructional videos, and by seeking guidance from experienced players and coaches.

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