Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle Review & Guide

Dive into our comprehensive Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle review to discover the game-changing features and performance of this exceptional paddle. We delve deep into its design, materials, and construction, providing an insightful analysis of how it can elevate your pickleball experience.

From power-packed smashes to finesse shots, we explore how the Legacy Pro Paddle strikes a balance between control and precision. Join us as we uncover how this paddle is redefining the way players approach the game, and find out whether the Legacy Pro is the ultimate addition to your pickleball arsenal

If you love to play pickleball games, then it is time for you to upgrade the pickleball gear you have to move to the next level of the game. The best paddle available for players is Legacy Pro. It is the most sought-after paddle among the professional players. Legacy has started to manufacture these paddles that are known for comfort, lightweight, pocket-friendliness, and excellent for hitting powerful shots on the court.

Pickle-Ball Inc. Legacy Pickleball Paddle (Black)

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Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

It is a revolutionary paddle that is a combination of both power and spin. It offers you both of them in the pickleball court. The 16mm of thick polymer core, foam, and Torre carbon fiber face, stands out. It is designed incredibly well and with great precision. The low swing weight makes it easy for players to twist and turn the paddle to hit shots. The wide sweet spot will ensure that you hit every ball accurately. It is an ideal choice for players who are playing single games. The paddle has been lauded by professional players. It is free from scratches and dust. However, do not leave this on the floor since it can result in scratches. The formidable power gives enough control over the game while playing doubles. The 5.3-inch handle gives enough feel. To deliver great performance on the court and elevate the game, it is a must to have this paddle.

Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle Review & Guide


  • Length – 161/2 inches
  • Width – 71/2 inches
  • Core thickness – 16mm to keep vibrations at bay and reduce dwell time
  • Handle length – 5.3 inches
  • Handle grip – 16mm
  • Weight of the paddle – 8.0 to 8.4
  • Face material – raw carbon fiber
  • Warranty – 6-months

Review various elements of the paddle


If you want enough power to hit great shots with the paddle, then look no further than Legacy Pro. It is the right paddle that offers you enough power. You will not face any trouble hitting high balls with this paddle. Indeed, it is considered to be the king of power. The serves you play with the paddle will make you stand out.


The spins are the best. The players love watching the beautiful spin made by the ball hit with this paddle. You can play dinks, serves, rolls, and slices with this magical paddle in hand. There is a lot of spin that you can expect from this paddle. You may also have to adjust the drops since they dip and drop the ball over the net sooner. You can hit higher drops giving enough margin for error.

Feel and control

The feel and control you get playing with this paddle is another thing to discuss about. Though it takes time for you to play with this paddle, once you learn how to play there is no looking back. It offers an excellent feel and great control over the paddle. It offers enough grip to hold despite slippery or sweaty hands. You have ample control over the drives, serves, drops, rolls, and dinks. You can also hit other shots amazingly with this paddle in hand. The sweet spot on this paddle is large enough that you do not miss any balls. It may take around 2 to 3 hours to get comfortable playing with this paddle, but once you get the grip you are tournament-ready.


The latest model of this paddle from Legacy offers high durability. Despite playing with this paddle excessively you do not get tired. However, if you have any issues with the paddle, you can report them to the customer support team. It is covered under the warranty. You can play with this paddle monthly together and hit great and powerful shots without letting it rip off. The unique design of the paddle makes this solid. You never feel like the handle will break. When you hold this in hand, it feels light and gives you a good grip.


The legacy pro is a pickleball that is suitable for advanced players to perform well on the court and take their game to another level. The low swing weight and center of gravity are balanced with this paddle. You can hit great shots that are accurate and have better control over the game. The large sweet spot allows the shot to travel throughout the court with reduced effort.

The injected foam placed between the thermoforming and core gives an additional punch. The tight weave pattern will keep dust at bay. The paddle is used by many players and got an appreciation for its hard hits. With practice, you can master various shots with this paddle and have good command over the game. It is not ideal for doubles play since weight and power are challenging to attain.

Attacking play

It is undeniably the most powerful paddle in the market in terms of offering controlled play. The large sweet spot allows you to hit great shots precisely. You can also hit the ball to the place where you want it to go. The low swing weight and great center of gravity give good control and make it ideal for players to play while focusing on finesse and placement. Be it you want to play soft drop shots or hard shots; the Legacy Pro offers the precision you need in the game. The aerodynamic design offers great spin and control.

The downsides of this paddle

While the pros of the paddle are power and spin whereas the drawbacks are delamination. It is tough for you to play with this paddle initially since it comes with raw power.

Here is a list of downsides of this paddle:

  • The length of the handle is not sufficient enough for players with large hands to hold it comfortably and play.
  • Built with great power and quality it may not be an ideal choice for playing doubles
  • The paddle surface is prone to a lot of dust when you hit the ball. You can also see the imprints on the face.
  • Prone to a lot of scratches and leave white marks which are tough to remove even with carbon eraser


The Legacy Pro is a powerful paddle that every pro player should hold. The thermal foaming along with injected foam makes the paddle light and gives enough accuracy for players irrespective of their level of play. With its large sweet spot, you can hit precise shots. It offers a soft feel when you hold and is an ideal choice for players who are expecting great spin and enough power to hit excellent shots. It is an ideal option for players who would want to take their game to another level.

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Q: What sets the Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle apart from other paddles on the market?

A: The Legacy Pro Paddle stands out with its unique combination of advanced materials, precision engineering, and player-centric design, resulting in enhanced control and power.

Q: Is the Legacy Pro Paddle suitable for both beginners and advanced players?

A: Yes, the paddle’s versatility caters to players of all levels. It provides beginners with a forgiving touch while offering experienced players the finesse and power they seek.

Q: How does the Legacy Pro Paddle contribute to improved control?

A: The Legacy Pro Paddle’s refined face texture and balanced weight distribution contribute to improved shot placement and control over the ball’s trajectory.

Q: Can I expect a significant power boost with the Legacy Pro Paddle?

A: The Legacy Pro Paddle is designed to provide a solid power boost, thanks to its optimized face design and paddle shape that allows for impressive ball speed.

Q: Does the grip size of the Legacy Pro Paddle affect gameplay?

A: Absolutely. Choosing the right grip size is essential for comfortable play and control. The Legacy Pro Paddle typically offers various grip sizes to cater to different player preferences.

Q: How does the Legacy Pro Paddle handle spin shots?

A: The paddle’s surface design and materials promote effective spin control, allowing players to impart spin for strategic shots.

Q: Is the Legacy Pro Paddle suitable for both indoor and outdoor play?

A: Yes, the paddle is often designed to perform well in various conditions, providing consistent gameplay both indoors and outdoors.

Q: What type of players would benefit the most from the Legacy Pro Paddle’s features?

A: The Legacy Pro Paddle is well-suited for players who value a balanced combination of power, control, and finesse in their gameplay style.

Q: Is the Legacy Pro Paddle approved for tournament play?

A: Typically, the paddle adheres to the specifications set by pickleball organizations, making it suitable for official tournament use. Always check with tournament organizers for specific rules.

Q: How should I care for and maintain my Legacy Pro Paddle?

A: Regularly clean the paddle’s surface with a damp cloth after play and store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures.

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