What Pickleball Ball Is Used in Tournaments?

What Pickleball Ball Is Used in Tournaments? Find out why the Dura Fast 40 pickleball ball is the official choice for competitive play, approved by USAPA and IFP. Explore the qualities that make it the preferred tournament ball. In tournament-level pickleball, the choice of pickleball ball is a crucial aspect that directly impacts gameplay. The official ball used in most professional and competitive pickleball tournaments is the “Dura Fast 40.” Pickleball game is a fun sport that many love to play. There are balls and pickleball paddles that you can find to play in tournaments. All these are USAPA-approved. The players who are planning to take part in the tournaments should only use the pickleball balls that are approved.

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What Pickleball Ball Is Used in Tournaments?

The US Open pickleball championships and USAPA national pickleball tournaments would use the Dura Fast 40 pickleball. If you are preparing for competitive games or tournaments, it is good to play with this ball. In unsanctioned tournaments, you must only use the balls that are approved by tournament directors.

What Pickleball Ball Is Used in Tournaments? Full Guide

The outdoor balls can also be used indoors. These give you a soft touch feeling when you hit the ball. However, when you are playing games outdoors it is good to buy the ball that is suitable to play outdoors in the windy area. The color you choose should depend on the color of the venue and surrounding colors. The colors of balls used in tournaments are orange, white, neon, and yellow.

Dura fast 40 pickleball

The Dura pickleball is best to use for outdoor play of the sport. It is heavy and is made in China. The balls were earlier manufactured with the name Dura 56 and now have changed the name to Dura Fast 40. The ball is the same but is addressed with a different name. The balls are of different sizes.

Onix Fuse G2 outdoor pickleball

The exceptionally seam-weld pickleballs will have great durability and are resistant to splitting. You can choose the balls in different colors such as yellow or orange and come in different counts such as 3, 6, or 12.

Onix Pure 2 outdoor ball by Onix sports

The outdoor pickleball is designed to perform well in all weather conditions. These balls are produced by injecting the molded process. The ball has a lot of halls of the same size instead of different sizes. This is what makes the ball last longer despite you hitting the powerful shots. These are ideal to be used in tournaments. It flies and bounces consistently.

Jugs pickleball

The jug pickleballs are widely used in indoor plays. These are made of soft plastic material and have holes that allow the ball to bounce. The balls are 0.85 grams and these are made in Taiwan. The colors in which the balls are available are lime green and white.

Big hole dura pickleball

The pickleball ball is played for indoor pickleball games. These are like standard Dura pickleballs but are lightweight. However, these balls will have bigger holes that will slow down the balls. The ball is seamless and is made with the molded one-piece construction process. Once the mixture is cooled, the holes will be drilled into the balls. This brand of balls is highly durable and made of thick wall construction. These are available in different colors such as yellow, white, neon, and orange.

Midnight indoor pickleball

These are designed to be used for indoor purposes and are in dark colors. These are made of soft plastic material and have big holes that make the ball bounce. These are 0.85 ounces and are available in different colors such as indigo blue, pink, red, and black.


Q1: What is the official pickleball ball used in tournaments?

A1: The official pickleball ball used in tournaments, both at the professional and amateur levels, is the “Dura Fast 40.”

Q2: Why is the Dura Fast 40 chosen for tournaments?

A2: The Dura Fast 40 is preferred for its durability, consistent performance, and adherence to official size and weight standards, ensuring fair and exciting gameplay.

Q3: What are the dimensions of the Dura Fast 40 pickleball ball?

A3: The Dura Fast 40 has a diameter of 2.9375 inches (74.6mm) and weighs approximately 0.88 ounces (24.94 grams), meeting the standard pickleball specifications.

Q4: Are there different color options for the Dura Fast 40?

A4: Yes, the Dura Fast 40 comes in various bright and easily visible colors, with neon green and yellow being the most common choices.

Q5: Is the Dura Fast 40 pickleball ball approved by governing bodies?

A5: Yes, the Dura Fast 40 is officially approved by governing bodies such as the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) and the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP), making it the top choice for tournament play.

Q6: Where can I find the Dura Fast 40 pickleball ball for purchase?

A6: The Dura Fast 40 is widely available at sporting goods stores and online retailers, making it easily accessible for players of all levels who want to practice and compete with a tournament-quality ball.

Q7: Does the Dura Fast 40 pickleball ball have a seamless design?

A7: Yes, the Dura Fast 40 features a seamless design, which reduces air resistance and enhances its overall performance on the court, contributing to fair and consistent gameplay in tournaments.

Q8: Is the Dura Fast 40 suitable for both professional and amateur tournaments?

A8: Yes, the Dura Fast 40 is suitable for tournaments at all levels, from local amateur competitions to professional championships, due to its consistent performance and official approval.

Q9: Can I use the Dura Fast 40 for recreational play as well?

A9: Absolutely! While it’s the top choice for tournaments, the Dura Fast 40 is also a popular ball for recreational pickleball, offering quality and durability for all players.

Q10: Are there any other pickleball balls approved for tournaments?

A10: While the Dura Fast 40 is the most commonly used ball in tournaments, some other brands and models may also be approved by specific tournament organizers. However, the Dura Fast 40 remains the industry standard in most cases.

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