Best Pickleball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis and want to play pickleball, then why not change your shoes and try using the pickleball shoes that can reduce the pain and discomfort caused due to this problem? There are many best pickleball shoes available for plantar fasciitis. We have listed out the top 10 shoes with pros and cons. You can go through each review and choose the one that suits your play style, feet condition and budget.

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3.ASICS women’s court flyte foam tennis shoesBuy it On Amazon
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5.FitVille wide pickleball shoes for menBuy it On Amazon
6.K-Swiss women’s ultrashort 3 tennis shoesBuy it On Amazon
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8.Wilson Rush Pro ace pickler women’s pickleball shoeBuy it On Amazon
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10.Acacia Dinkshot pickleball shoesBuy it On Amazon

In our quest to provide comprehensive guidance on pickleball footwear, we’ve covered the best pickleball shoes for players of all types. If you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis, you’ll want to check out our dedicated article on the ‘Best Pickleball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis’ for specialized recommendations.

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Best Pickleball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The list we have suggested is given after a thorough review of each shoe pair. These are used to treat muscle pain and give enough protection to your feet from impacts. It also offers a supportive base. The shoes have sole structure, are highly durable and give a perfect fit to the feet. Top 10 pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis

1. ASICS Men’s gel Venture 7 shoes

If you are in pain in your sole, then it is good to wear this brand of shoes that reduces the pain and allows you to perform at your best on the court. Wearing the shoes will offer a contoured fit to the feet’ structure. The shoes are made of synthetic leather that is highly durable and resistant to abrasions. There is less chance for the shoes to deform. The manufacturer has added moulded gel venture 7 inserts. It is comfortable to wear to play games for hours together and gives enough protection to the bottom of the feet from shocks.

Wearing the shoes is ideal for people who have fasciitis pain. It also reduces toe grading. The concentrated EVA foam in the middle of the foot will offer greater stability and enough protection. If you want to reduce the pain further while playing the game, you can pair the shoes with the sock liner. It prevents the formation of sweat and keeps your joints protected.

Pickleball Players Rejoice: The Top Pickleball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Relief"


  • No toe dragging
  • Keep the feet dry
  • Lightweight
  • Offer a secure fit
  • Dense cushioning for feet


  • Pricey


  • Weight – 1.7 pounds
  • Gender – men
  • Material – synthetic and mesh
  • Colour – Black

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2. K-Swiss men’s express light pickleball shoes

If you want pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis, then K-Swiss men are the answer. It reduces the pain while playing the games intensively. Wearing this keeps the feet dry. The first thing that grabs the attention of the players who have pain in the feet is its lightweight design. It is easy to wear and comfortable to enjoy the game for a long time. The synthetic leather with inner mesh lining will absorb the sweat and the players do not feel the slipperiness wearing these shoes and playing intensive games.

Another great feature of the shoes is the support pads. It focuses majorly on the centre of the foot and provides soothing to fascia tissues. You can wear a sock liner for additional support so that you do not feel any kind of pressure in the sensitive areas of the feet. Wearing these shoes allows you to play intensive games. The DragGuard technology can resist abrasions. There won’t be any deformity of the shoe structure.

Foot Pain No More: The Best Pickleball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers


  • Lightweight
  • Offer enough breathability
  • Highly durable
  • Offer great support to the feet
  • Keep sweat production at bay


  • Takes a lot of time for you to get used to


  • Weight – 1.95 pounds
  • Gender -men
  • Colour – Black/Lollipop

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3. ASICS women’s court flyte foam tennis shoes

It is the leading pickleball shoe brand that works best if you are having plantar fasciitis pain. It uses PGuard and Trusstic technology that adds stability and soothing to your muscles. It uses Flytefoam and gel to the whole shoe to keep players comfortable throughout the game. The gel will absorb shocks when playing on tough ground. It gives enough protection to the feet especially if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Wearing the shoes offers flexible movement and you can move the feet in 360 degrees. The manufacturer uses patented trusstic technology in the sensitive area of the feet, i.e., the heel. It offers excellent grip and gives enough stability to players. Indeed, it saves the players from twisted muscles while keeping the structure of the shoes intact.

Play Pain-Free: Discover the Best Pickleball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis


  • Stable
  • Highly flexible
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Freedom to move the feet


  • Fit is small and not suitable for all players
  • Weight – 1.71 pounds
  • Gender – Women
  • Colour – Pure silver and peacoat
  • Material – sySpecificationsnthetic and mesh

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4. ASICS Men’s gel resolution 7 tennis shoes

You need to have gel resolution 7 shoes to fight joint pains. These are made with excellent design. The shoes are comfortable to wear and protective. It comes with a flexion upper structure to fit the structure of the feet. The defensive toe drag movements are also reduced. The shoes have a Flexion fit offering a secure fit and great movement to your feet. The shoes are made using natural leather. It is durable and does not deform the structure of the shoes.

The shoes come with PGuard toe protectors are dense and give enough protection to the toe area from impacts. It also elevates the heel area to absorb shocks. The shoes also come with gel cushioning that comes on the rear and forefoot to offer the feet enough stability. Despite gel being dense, it does not cause any hindrance to the movement of legs.

Step Up Your Game, Not Your Pain: Best Pickleball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis


  • Lightweight
  • Offer greater flexibility
  • Keep the feet fresh and dry
  • High value for money
  • Great protection to the feet


  • Not so durable


  • Weight – 15.04 ounces
  • Gender – men
  • Colour – red
  • Material – 100% leather

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5. FitVille wide pickleball shoes for men

If you want stylish shoes that take your fashion quotient to the next level while protecting your feet from plantar fasciitis, then this is for you. These are available in grey and red colours. Wearing the shoes will keep up the performance. The shoes are made for people who are suffering from joint pains and plantar fasciitis and want to play a pickleball game. It offers thick cushioning and comes with TPU shock absorbers.

The shoes offer enough coverage with a great fit that is suitable for wide feet. You can move your feet freely in different directions wearing these shoes. The rubber sole comes with a deep tread pattern to distribute the impact when the feet touch the ground and put less pressure on joints. There is a fashionable mesh over the shoe that offers durability and reduces sweat production. When you are playing the game intensively, you do not have to worry about moisture. It keeps the feet away from odour. The sock liner offers stability to players and absorbs shock. It also has EVA padding to protect you from extreme impacts.

Game-Changing Footwear: Top Pickleball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Relief


  • Perfect for people with wide feet
  • High value for money
  • Gives stability
  • Highly flexible


  • Too heavy


  • Weight – 2.05 pounds
  • Gender – men
  • Colour – white and grey

Check Price On Amazon

6. K-Swiss women’s ultrashort 3 tennis shoes

Undeniably, K-Swiss ultrashort 3 tennis shoes are best for you to play the pickleball game despite you are prone to plantar fasciitis. It keeps toe drags at bay and puts less pressure on the muscles. It comes with high-density foam on the outer sole. The padding offered is known for durability and sturdy construction. The shoes are made of synthetic leather with Duramesh underlined. The shoes last longer and offer excellent breathability to circulate cool air inside.

It is designed specially to offer plantar support. You can move your feet in different directions freely. The pads have thick cushioning to offer greater flexibility and deal with impacts. The shoes have a Durawrap line to offer additional protection from toe dragging. The rubber sole has a thread pattern to offer you a great grip when performing heavy jumps.

Pickleball and Plantar Fasciitis: Finding the Perfect Shoe Solution


  • Excellent stability
  • Keep toe dragging at bay
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight


  • Fit should have been improved


  • Weight – 1.72 pounds
  • Gender – Women
  • Colour – Grape nectar

Check Price On Amazon

7. ASICS Women’s gel game 8 tennis shoes

It is one of the best pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis. The shoes are made using Trusstic technology and super gel technology. It offers soothing to the bottom muscles and keeps toe drags at bay. It is made of synthetic leather which makes these shoes last longer. To keep sweat at bay, the shoes are added with Duramesh. It keeps the feet dry and fresh. The shoes will fit different foot structures and offer comfort to the wearer.

The shoe also comes with gel technology that keeps muscles at ease and ensures to absorb heavy impacts. Wearing this you do not have to worry about intense fasciitis pain. The patented Trusstic technology will put less weight on the feet. It keeps the shoe shape intact without being deformed. It is suitable to be worn by serious players.

Winning on the Court, Beating Plantar Fasciitis: The Top Pickleball Shoe Picks


  • Looks stylish
  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent protection
  • Highly stable


  • Makes the shoe feel heavy


  • Weight – 1.47 pounds
  • Gender -Women
  • Colour – Dive blue/white

Check Price On Amazon

8. Wilson Rush Pro ace pickler women’s pickleball shoe

It is a great choice for pickleball players who are suffering from Plantar fasciitis to wear. It comes with a 4D chassis and 2E fit to offer extra stability to the feet. The 4D support chassis is in a symmetrical shape that puts less pressure on the feet. It also reduces the pain and unnecessary discomfort caused to the feet. There is also a 2E fit to provide you with additional space in the midfoot area to keep inflamed tissue at bay.

There is also high-density Ortho lite foam that offers enough cushioning to the feet to increase the comfort level while playing. The durability of the shoe will allow you to play the game intensively.

Discover the Best Pickleball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis


  • Suitable for wider feet
  • Lightweight
  • Offer additional breathability to keep the feet dry


  • Pricey
  • Not so durable


  • Size – 5.5 to 11
  • Colour – white, stormy weather and baby blue
  • Gender – Women
  • Weight – 1.48 pounds

Check Price On Amazon

9. Tyrol men’s rally pickleball shoes

The shoes are an ideal option for pickleball players who have plantar fasciitis to wear to get the comfort and stability they are expecting. The midsole and outsole construction will boost the performance of the players wearing these shoes. You can stay agile on the court wearing the shoes. The breathable mesh nylon on the upper layer will offer enough ventilation while the padding offers extra comfort.

There is also an advanced tread design that offers good support for pickleball players who are prone to plantar fasciitis. It allows them to stay active in the court without being prone to extreme pain or giving up their safety. The lightweight insole offers greater mobility and enough comfort to make the pickleball game enjoyable. It also puts less strain on ankles.

Best pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis


  • Lightweight
  • Superior comfort
  • Excellent breathability


  • Shoes may not fit all
  • Mesh material will get loose sooner


  • Weight – 2.17 pounds
  • Gender – men
  • Colour – Red or black

Check Price On Amazon

10. Acacia Dinkshot pickleball shoes

The shoes are perfect for players with plantar fasciitis. It is designed to offer comfort and greater stability. There is a wider toe box that gives you comfort throughout the game. The honeycomb foam provides shock absorption. It is water resistant and is made with ARK technology EVA foam to let you perform better in the court.

The shoes offer greater agility and quick reactions. You can get the cushioning required for you throughout the game. Wearing these shoes keeps you comfortable and never puts strain on the sole.

Best pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis


  • The outsole is contoured to the foot shape
  • Drag guards allow you to make quick movements in the court
  • Lightweight


  • Only suitable for people with wide feet
  • Limited colour options


  • Weight – 0.74 kilograms
  • Colour – lime/black
  • Gender – Unisex
  • Outer material – Rubber and EVA
  • Grip size – 6.5

Check Price On Amazon


Now that you have learned about the top pickleball shoes for plantar fasciitis with pros and cons, you can choose the best one that suits your requirements. All the shoes listed are supportive, and comfortable and offer great protection from shocks. It puts less pressure on your feet and reduces impacts to a greater extent. With the dense cushioning, you can keep the feet comfortable during long pickleball sessions. You do not have to give up the pickleball game just because there is pain in your feet. Wear these shoes and you are good to go.


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