Where are CRBN Pickleball Paddles Made?

Discover the origins of CRBN pickleball paddles and the global journey behind their expert craftsmanship. Uncover the geographical source where these high-performance paddles come to life, blending innovation and design for ultimate on-court excellence.

CRBN pickleball paddles are quite famous. Many intermediate to experienced players love to play with the paddles made by this brand. CRBN paddles are widely used in tournaments. These are made by following all the design standards to ensure longevity, sturdiness, and excellent grip.

The company is based out of Newport Beach California in the United States. The owner of this company is Garrett Gosselin. The brand started to produce the paddles in 2020 at the time of the pandemic when the owner of the company got very much into this game and started to tailor the pickleball paddles in different dimensions. The paddles designed by this individual are a combo of both power and control. Due to this, it has become quite popular among pickleball players.

CRBN pickleball paddles have gained popularity among players for their unique design and performance features. As you delve into the world of CRBN paddles, you might be curious about their manufacturing process and origin. If you’re also focused on refining your gameplay and seeking excellent control on the court, our guide on the Best Control Pickleball Paddle can provide valuable insights. This guide reviews some of the top control-oriented paddles available, helping you make an informed decision for your playing style.

Where are CRBN pickleball paddles made?

The company has started to make quality paddles that a player can use for practice and tournaments. The company’s products are widely used by players globally. The pickleball paddles of this brand are made of different materials such as composite materials to offer the best performance on the court. The company makes use of cutting-edge technology to make paddles. This is the main reason for top players to use these paddles. The paddles are made in Columbus, Ohio. Only the best materials and technology are used to make the paddles.

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Where are CRBN pickleball paddles manufactured?

The company has a huge reputation for producing paddles that can also be used by amateur players. The sleek, high-performance, and premium-quality paddles are perfect for players who enjoy putting a lot of spin on the ball. The highest quality carbon fiber is what this brand uses to make paddles. They use T-700. It has unique properties that will help the paddle to remain durable, high power, great spin, and excellent control over the ball.

The material with which the paddle is made also has high tensile strength and durability. It is also flexible enough to absorb energy and generate a lot of spin. The T-700 will perform better compared to the other materials with which the paddles are made such as fiberglass, graphite, and other materials.

The company uses carbon fiber due to its structural integrity. There are different types of paddles made with carbon fiber. However, CRBM pickleball paddles are made with T-700 carbon fiber to offer you the best control and great spin. It is made with a durable paddle construction; you would get a paddle that lasts longer.

The paddles are designed to meet the play style of players irrespective of their skill level. It comes with an elongated handle and extra length to feel the greatness of driving the ball. The paddle is made with two different thicknesses such as 13mm and 16mm. With the 16mm core thickness paddle, you can have great control over the game while the 13mm thick paddle has enough power and offers great speed playing with this gear. 

Carbon fiber is only used in making the paddles and comes with great colors. The paddles from this brand will increase hand speed and reduce vibration. The new paddles made with this carbon fiber will offer a grip circumference size and give you the comfort required when you hold the handle.

In the world of pickleball paddles, CRBN has gained a reputation for producing high-quality equipment. Many players wonder about the origins of CRBN paddles and where they are manufactured. If you’re also looking for budget-friendly options, you might be interested in our article on the Best Pickleball Paddle Under $100, which provides insights into affordable yet reliable paddle choices.


1. Where are CRBN pickleball paddles manufactured?

A: CRBN pickleball paddles are proudly manufactured in [Location], combining advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship to create top-tier performance equipment.

2. What sets the manufacturing location of CRBN paddles apart?

The manufacturing location of CRBN paddles is carefully chosen for its expertise in paddle production, ensuring each paddle meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

3. Are CRBN paddles made using sustainable practices?

Yes, CRBN is committed to sustainability. The manufacturing process of their paddles adheres to environmentally responsible practices, reflecting their dedication to both performance and the planet.

4. How do the manufacturing location and materials impact paddle performance?

The specific manufacturing location contributes to the unique design and construction of CRBN paddles, resulting in optimal performance characteristics such as power, control, and durability.

5. Can I visit the manufacturing facility to see the process firsthand?

While CRBN may not offer public tours of their manufacturing facility, they often provide insights into their production process through videos, blogs, and behind-the-scenes content.

6. Are there plans to expand manufacturing to other locations?

As of now, CRBN’s manufacturing is concentrated in its current location. Any future plans for expansion would be communicated through their official channels.

7. How does the manufacturing location influence paddle design?

The manufacturing location influences the design by bringing together local expertise and resources, which play a significant role in shaping the unique features and characteristics of CRBN paddles.

8. Is there a warranty associated with CRBN paddles?

Yes, CRBN typically offers a warranty on their paddles. Specific details can be found on their official website or product documentation.

9. Can I purchase CRBN paddles internationally?

Yes, CRBN paddles are often available for purchase internationally through authorized retailers and their official online store.

10. Are there any limited edition or special edition paddles tied to the manufacturing location?

CRBN occasionally releases limited edition paddles that may have design elements inspired by their manufacturing location or celebrate significant milestones.

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